Gratitude Journal 30.4.19

Am generally doing much better than I was...which is definitely something to be grateful for. Three other things I'm grateful for today are: A lovely latte after my counselling session. Music....managed to listen to some of Mom's music...had a bloody good cry but also felt closer to her and my spirit was lifted. Ginger biscuits.… Continue reading Gratitude Journal 30.4.19

Bereavement, Gratitude

A Tough Few Days…

I haven't written anything for the last few days.  It was my Mom's birthday on the 17th April, she would have been 74.  It's the first birthday that she's not been here, and a reminder that it was just after her birthday last year that she developed Pneumonia and deteriorated, before passing away in May.… Continue reading A Tough Few Days…


The power of writing….

Today I had to complete something that I have been absolutely dreading and totally avoiding for the last 2 weeks.  I had my first counselling session 2 weeks ago, and my homework was to write a letter to my Mum, before my next session.  Being asked to do this filled me with anxiety, scared and… Continue reading The power of writing….