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Back to Basics

So for anyone thats been reading my blog and is still around....thank you!! I kind of went a little off track earlier this year when my health was suffering. I'm not sorry that I spoke about my issues and struggles on here .... I just feel it's time for me to re-focus and get back… Continue reading Back to Basics

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So What’s Been Happening??

I know I haven't written my gratitude posts for a few days....this was basically because I had a huge energy dip (i.e. I was totally exhausted for 2 days) and just didn't have the energy or motivation to post.  As I've said before, my mental health is a major part of this, and I'm learning… Continue reading So What’s Been Happening??

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Back into decluttering and aiming for a simpler life….

For anyone who's been following this blog for a while.....I originally started it with the aim of keeping track and progress of my desire to live a simpler life.  So much of this way of living appeals to me, less clutter, mess, hassle, busyness and stress.  Less to organise and maintain and freeing up time… Continue reading Back into decluttering and aiming for a simpler life….

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Mid-week Mini Mission #1

My original motivation for wanting to live a more simple life was finding The Minimalists, their podcasts and their documentary Minimalism.  It really made me think about the 'stuff' I I need it, will I use it & does it add any value to my life!  Suddenly the 'need' for the latest iPhone upgrade, more clothes… Continue reading Mid-week Mini Mission #1