Gratitude Journal 11.5.19

It's been a tougher day today, but I got through that's something to be grateful for. Another 3 things I've been grateful for today are: My Mum's excellent choice in music and being able to listen to it and think of her. Yes I cried a lot, but that is better than bottling it… Continue reading Gratitude Journal 11.5.19


Gratitude Journal 10.5.19

Have had a really good day.....but 3 things I'm particularly grateful for today are: Friday evenings at home, where we all chill out and relax.Music....have had a lovely evening going back through the 90's on YouTube.The barista at Costa recognising my perfume and complimenting me on it! Have a good weekend everyone x


Gratitude Journal 9.5.19

Well today has been a really good day, despite the miserable weather! 3 things I've been grateful for today: A really positive lunch with my friend, and being able to recognise the progress I've made in my recovery.Completing some actions towards my longer term goal.That we all eat around the table for dinner, and this… Continue reading Gratitude Journal 9.5.19

Simple life

So who is ‘Flylady’ and what does she have to do with simplifying my life?

I first came across the 'Flylady' system a few years ago. At the time, I was a regular reader of the forums and, and I guess even then I was looking for ways to make my life easier. With working in a stressful job, and having 3 young children, I wanted to make the… Continue reading So who is ‘Flylady’ and what does she have to do with simplifying my life?

Gratitude, Simple life

Gratitude Journal 7.5.19 – 8.5.19

I'm still playing catch-up with the blog posts....exhaustion is causing me to find things a real struggle at the moment. I'm in the process of coming off medication and I think that's impacting. Anyway I'm afraid I'm doing two posts in one again tonight, I really must try harder! 7.5.19 - Three things I was… Continue reading Gratitude Journal 7.5.19 – 8.5.19