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Back into decluttering and aiming for a simpler life….

For anyone who's been following this blog for a while.....I originally started it with the aim of keeping track and progress of my desire to live a simpler life.  So much of this way of living appeals to me, less clutter, mess, hassle, busyness and stress.  Less to organise and maintain and freeing up time… Continue reading Back into decluttering and aiming for a simpler life….

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Happy Saturday….

OK so today was a much better day.  I made myself get up and organised on time!  That must be the first Saturday in months that we've arrived at my daughter's trampolining early, with coffee in hand!!  Felt quite impressed with myself .  The stress of constantly being disorganised and running late, for me, has… Continue reading Happy Saturday….

Gratitude, Personal Development, Simple life

Ups and downs….

I'm quite glad I know a lot about depression, and know that it's never a straightforward recovery curve.  What happens is that you have good days and bad days, hopefully the good days become more frequent and the bad days reduce.  After 3 good days, I guess I was due a "not so good" day… Continue reading Ups and downs….