A Bit About Me…..

So I’ve been back blogging for a few weeks now…and thought I’d better update this…so here’s some things you might (or might not..) want to know:

  1. I turned 46 In December.  Don’t know where those years have gone…which feels a little scary.  The scariest thing is that I actually think I’m 43!!
  2. Been married to my hubby P for 20 years this year..together for 22.
  3. Have 3 children, 2 sons A aged 18, J aged 16 and a daughter, G aged 12.
  4. Have an obsession with stationery, notebooks, pens…seriously…it’s a problem.
  5. Am addicted to Podcasts….
  6. Work as a Mental Health Nurse….a job I’ve done for 24 years and love (most of the time.)
  7. Am an introvert and like my own company….but I’m not antisocial, I love seeing people and catching up with friends too!
  8. I buy far too many bags…..and purses…..but mainly bags!  One of my resolutions this year is not to buy any more…I’m doing ok up to now!
  9. I’m very quiet and reserved…until I get to know you.
  10. I love chocolate!!!!!

So there you go…probably not the most interesting facts ever…but with my job, I have to be careful what I share!

Am loving doing the blog…so I hope you subscribe and stick around!


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