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Time for a review and rethink…

I thought it was time to have a really good think about what I want to focus on in the coming weeks with the blog. I know that I’ve had lots of ideas for things I want to try, routines to start…and that it hasn’t necessarily gone according to plan. The constant battle with exhaustion has meant that my actual motivation to do things is very low. I can set myself goals and To-Do lists when I have energy and drive….only to be so tired the next day I achieve little and spend half the day asleep.

This tiredness was attributed to depression and grief. I was advised that all the most recent blood tests I’d had were normal. However the last one was way back at the end of 2018. It wasn’t felt that there would be a physical cause for my problems. As a mental health nurse, I’m well aware that once someone has a mental health diagnosis….everything tends to get attributed to it, or to side effects from the medication you’re taking for it. So many people I’ve worked with have had physical health concerns disregarded or dismissed, only to later discover that there was an actual physical cause to their symptoms.

At my last GP review, I asked the GP to do full blood screening, just to check that there was nothing wrong. I’ve felt I’ve been going mad with the tiredness and the impact it’s been having on my life. I’ve felt that people have thought I’m exaggerating, being lazy or work-shy, none of which is me!!!! I’m someone who generally has to be forced to go off sick, it’s not something I do easily. However, once again the GP was dismissive, stating that they would do bloods but that he was sure they would come back normal.

A few days later and I get a call to go back to the surgery, which I did this week. Surprise surprise not only do I have Iron Deficiency Anaemia but also low Vitamin B12 folate levels. Both of these can cause extreme tiredness, fatigue, loss of energy, not to mention depression. I feel a great sense of relief. I’m not going crazy, the tiredness can be treated and there can be an end to it. I am quite frustrated that bloods were not done when I first became unwell, as I would be so much further along now.

However, I now need to focus on what simple things I can do to help my recovery. Having too many goals, or new habits I’m trying to form, isn’t working for me at the moment. I need to concentrate on my nutrition, general health and sleep. In the book The One Thing by Gary Kellar and Jay Papasan, it is suggested that we should identify and focus our time and energy on the one thing which, if it was done, would make everything else either easier or unnecessary. I struggled previously to identify what this might mean for me, there seemed to be so many things to work on. However, I now feel quite clear, that concentrating on my nutrition, sleep and general health will be the one thing that, once resolved, will make everything else easier! How can I begin to expect to be functioning at my normal level of motivation and energy currently?

So, although I am still persevering with #Project333 and my Gratitude Journaling, I am shifting my focus to my physical health and what I can do to improve things. Obviously I’m taking medication prescribed by the GP, but I want too consider other advice and options to get better. I guess in some ways, focusing on your health is one of the most simple things in life that you can do.

For now then, there will be no updates regarding Flylady. That’s something I will come back to once I’m feeling better. #Project333 is continuing well with no major issues and I will write an update about how this has gone once the 3 month project is over, at the end of July.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions…please comment below. I’m off to do some research….

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