Gratitude Journal 20th and 21st May 2019

I’m struggling currently with doing daily updates, so will do a couple of days at a time instead…..hope that’s ok!

20th May 2019 I was grateful for:

  1. Glorious weather for a walk with the dog.
  2. A nap.
  3. A brilliant podcast by Jay Shetty, with Arianna Huffington…..well worth a listen!

21st May 2019 Today I’ve been grateful for:

  1. Freshly cut fields near my home….perfect for walking the dog and not constantly losing the tennis ball! It was fun to see the dog rolling in the cut grass too.
  2. Remembering my iPod Nano which I’ve now downloaded podcasts on to. I can listen to them in the night now when I’m awake, rather than using my phone and ending up scrolling!!!
  3. Cups of tea and a spot of lunch, in the garden, with my friend.

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