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So who is ‘Flylady’ and what does she have to do with simplifying my life?

I first came across the ‘Flylady‘ system a few years ago. At the time, I was a regular reader of the forums and, and I guess even then I was looking for ways to make my life easier. With working in a stressful job, and having 3 young children, I wanted to make the housework/chores side of life much simpler, and to have do as little as possible! Within the forums there were whole threads about the ‘Flylady’ system and it intrigued me. I normally find that routines help me immensely, and that things start to become chaotic once I’m out of routine, so I felt this system could help.

I checked out the website and bought her book Sink Reflections and, being the impatient perfectionist that I am, wanted to do it all straight away!! I signed up for the email reminders, read the book, didn’t follow her advice to simply start with the babysteps until they became routine, but just jumped right in, trying to do it all. Of course it became overwhelming, I just couldn’t get it to work for me, and gave up. That’s a pattern I’ve finally recognised in myself with anything I want to do. If I don’t see immediate results I get disheartened, feel a failure and just give up.

Seeing a video by Minimom about simplifying Flylady, inspired me to give it another go! What I need is a simple cleaning routine that means I can keep weekends a bit more relaxed. I’d like to begin to do other things with my time, rather than playing catch-up with cleaning, washing, ironing and all that running a house and having a family entails. This time though, I’m going to do it as she suggests, so that it’ll hopefully become routine that I can add to as time goes on.

So I plan to write about my ‘babysteps‘ and how this progresses, within the blog. The first babystep is to ‘shine your sink‘ every day and every evening. She states that this is an easy way to get a sense of achievement, and that it’s nice to come down to in the morning, rather than a mess! So that’s where I’m starting, I shall post my Babystep #1 blog post tomorrow…wish me luck!!

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