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Gratitude Journal 7.5.19 – 8.5.19

I’m still playing catch-up with the blog posts….exhaustion is causing me to find things a real struggle at the moment. I’m in the process of coming off medication and I think that’s impacting. Anyway I’m afraid I’m doing two posts in one again tonight, I really must try harder!

7.5.19 – Three things I was grateful for were:

  1. An afternoon nap.
  2. Two good walks with the dog, weather was lovely and the walks really help to clear my head.
  3. Shopping home deliveries.

8.5.19 – Three things I’ve been grateful for today:

  1. Podcasts – they can be so inspiring and motivating.
  2. My son bringing home chocolate muffins.
  3. Laughing at Holly and Phil’s funniest moments on YouTube…..guaranteed to cheer me up!

I’m finding it does help to focus on the positive…..

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal 7.5.19 – 8.5.19”

    1. Thanks crazyauntcyn….I’m exhausted at times both on and off meds, but I know this is something I’ll have to just battle through. I’m taking it easy, with naps during the day & really not pushing myself. It goes against everything for me to not just push myself through. This experience has really forced me to prioritise myself and to recognise that I just can’t do it all! Thanks for the thoughts x


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