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So What’s Been Happening??

I know I haven’t written my gratitude posts for a few days….this was basically because I had a huge energy dip (i.e. I was totally exhausted for 2 days) and just didn’t have the energy or motivation to post.  As I’ve said before, my mental health is a major part of this, and I’m learning that sometimes I just have to accept that I need to rest.

Yesterday and today have been much better and it’s felt great!  So I thought I would do a quick update as to where I’m at with simplifying my life, and what I’m going to be focusing on in the next week or two.

My first shout out has to go to my daughter…who has both done me proud and put me to shame this week.  Who knew she was a little minimalist?  She’s a much better one than her Mom, that’s for sure.   We spent last weekend decorating her room and the rest of the week has been spent sorting and clearing out, putting together furniture etc.  She has been an absolute star!!!  She really got into the idea of only keeping those things that she loves, needs or uses regularly.  She has literally got rid of almost everything!!  She actually made me a little anxious….”are you sure you want to throw that out???”…..but she was clear and determined.  I have to say her room looks fantastic and we all love it.

My hubby has taken loads of rubbish to the tip and we’ve done charity shop runs too….he agrees that we need to start clearing out and loves the ‘minimal and simple‘ look of my daughter’s room.  I might have a convert on board!!!

On a personal level, I have continued to stick to my #Project333 wardrobe.  It’s going OK so far, although as the weather is  not quite as warm as it was, that has proved I don’t have many ‘warmer’ clothes.  I’ve resorted to wearing my ever faithful grey cardigan/coat indoors…which has worked well.  I’m certainly finding it easier to choose what to wear every day.

I’ve been thinking about simplifying the housework and household management, as that’s something I really struggle with.  I find it a major stressor.  Once I go back to work, I don’t want to spend my weekends playing catch-up with chores.  I have tried to initiate the Flylady system previously, but always struggled to keep it up.  However, I watched an excellent YouTube video today by Minimom which has inspired me that it is do-able and that it doesn’t have to be as complicated or time consuming as I’ve found it before.  I can simplify it to suit myself.  So this is the next project I plan to be working on, along with the regular decluttering that I’m continuing to do daily.  The house is already looking clearer, the garage is relatively tidy….I can’t wait to carry on!

So I am going to start the Flylady ‘Baby Steps’ and will be updating on here to let you know how that’s going.  Wish me luck!!



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