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#Project333 – 1st May 2019 – 1st August 2019.

So, a little later than planned….I’ve started my #Project333.  In case you don’t know what that is, here is the link to Courtney Carver’s ‘Be More with less’ site, where she describes it in more detail.

I actually went through all my clothes a few days ago.  It was a bit of a shock to see it all laid out.   I honestly thought I didn’t have that many clothes, and I know that compared to many others it’s a small amount, but there was way too much!!

OMG…..but love that my dog is totally unimpressed by the chaos around her!

With the change from Winter to Spring/Summer there was obviously a need to go through what I had actually worn this Winter.  I’d had a kind of ‘capsule’ wardrobe this winter, based around 4-5 colours that I could mix and match.  I found this worked really well and is definitely something I want to continue during this project.

So the first task in hand was to get rid of what I hadn’t worn at all this year, or was scruffy and really wouldn’t last until next winter.  This was surprisingly easy, considering I’ve kept some items for years because they are in good condition, and I like them, but NEVER wear them.  For one reason or another they feel uncomfortable, don’t suit me or just don’t make me feel good.  So I actually got rid of them!!  I have never worn them, and this is going to change next Winter…so they’ve gone!  I also managed to get rid of numerous work trousers that I don’t like, don’t quite fit correctly or are a bit worn/faded. If I find I need more in the future, I will buy new ones that look better and last longer.  I’m learning that I only want to wear clothes that I feel good in.

I have some colours that I have decided will form the basis of my wardrobe over the Summer months – black and white always feature naturally, but other colours I’m working around are pink, navy and cream.  They’re colours that I love and feel suit me.  It also enables me to have a summer wardrobe without having to buy many new items!  So I started with a list…firstly thinking about the basics, items that I wear a lot.  Jeans certainly figure in my wardrobe significantly, so these were the first things to be added.  A darker blue, lighter blue, grey and a black pair…..a little excessive??  We will see.


Shoes wise I decided on my trusty Converse – which I have worn so much since I’ve had them.  They go with most things and are so comfortable!!  I also have a pink and a black pair of ballerina shoes.  I find that these to be very versatile, working well with both jeans and workwear.  I may want a pair of navy ballet pumps…..we will see how that goes.

Shoes and bags

I have a love of bags…..and have lots…..but have managed to narrow it down to a beige/neutral tote and a navy bag for the next 3 months!!  For anyone that knows me, you know that this is going to be a challenge.

As you can see from the photos, I have a number of tops that can be worn both in and out of work.  I have my trusted black and navy cardigans…..which I know will be worn a lot.  Coat wise, I just have my grey long cardigan/coat, as this has proved invaluable over the last few months and I think can work well in the Spring/Summer time too.  I also have one black pair of work trousers and one navy pair of Capri pants.  The black jeans can also be worn for work (as long as the boss doesn’t notice!!)

The only accessory I’ve included has been my sunglasses….a must have for me over the next few months.  I’m not one for jewellery but always wear 3 sentimental items, my Mom’s ring, my Pandora bracelet, and my little bracelet which represents ‘strength.’  I am not counting these as part of my 33 items.  I know according to the challenge, you can pick one sentimental item…..but I need to have these three currently and am prepared to break the rules a little.

So as you can imagine, everything fits in one wardrobe!  It’s lovely to just open one door and find the clothes that I want to wear.  I’ve already started picking out my outfit the night before, and this removes so much decision making and stress in the morning.

I think I’m going to enjoy this challenge…..will certainly keep you posted as to how it goes.

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