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My view of a simpler life….

So I’ve introduced myself, talked a little about my background and what’s led me to wanting to simplify my life.  I thought it would be helpful to talk about what a simple life is, or at least what it means to me.  For some people it may be that they want to declutter their home, create space and have less ‘stuff.’  That is certainly a huge part of it for me, but it isn’t everything.  I want to be less busy, less stressed, take time to enjoy life rather than rushing through it.  I’ve seen how life can change in an instant, and I don’t want to waste time dealing with stress, mess, unwanted commitments and obligations or making multiple decisions.  It’s exhausting. I realise that I need to prioritise looking after myself and stop putting everyone, and everything else, first.

A simple life, to me, would mean my home filled only with things that we love, use or need.   Worktops and surfaces would be clear.  All items would have their own ‘place’ (and would be put back there.)  My wardrobes would be simple, organised and I’ll use a capsule wardrobe to have as few items as possible.  I’ve done this before and it really helped to take the stress out of morning decision making.

I’ll re-establish routines, for the cleaning, laundry etc so that I don’t spend the whole weekend playing catch-up.  I’ll be planning effectively so that, as far as possible, nothing is a surprise or gets missed.  I’ll have a monthly meal plan, so that I don’t have to think of what to cook and can order my grocery delivery online to save the stress of the supermarket.

I’ll make sure I have time to read, meditate, blog, watch TV and maybe even exercise!  I know that these things are all so good for my health, but I struggle with them currently.  One of the major issues I need to resolve, which will impact my life more than anything, is to get into a good sleep pattern and to have more energy.

In reading about minimalism, I’ve realised that it’s not a case of there only being one way, that everyone has to follow.  I’m sure I will have more ‘stuff’ than a lot of minimalists would approve of.  However my aim is to get a balance and live a simpler, easier life where I can begin to enjoy free time, not feeling guilty about what I should be doing.  I hope to have more meaningful time with friends and family, and begin to enjoy life again. I want to have the time and head space to focus on myself and self development, rather than feeling I’m always behind and a failure because I can’t ‘keep up.’

As you can see, for me it’s so much more than simply decluttering.  I’m really at the start of this process, feeling a little anxious about moving forward.  I intend to write about the various steps I make towards a simpler life, both to hold me accountable and also to help others to think about their own lives, how we keep it simple and the huge benefits of doing so.

My first plan is to take part in Courtney Carver’s Project 333.  This will mean reducing my wardrobe to 33 items only.  Courtney describes it as “the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.”  I’m hoping that by doing this, I will be able to let go of so many clothes and be confident that I can be happy with less.

I plan to do Project 333 from 1st May 2019 – 1st August 2019.  I’ll post on Wednesday to take you through the process and show you the results.

I hope I’ve given you a sense of what a simpler life might look like for me, what I’m aiming for and the impact I’m hoping this might have upon my life and wellness.

If you have any questions, comments, advice or suggestions please add them below.

Thanks for reading.

C x

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