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Back into decluttering and aiming for a simpler life….

For anyone who’s been following this blog for a while…..I originally started it with the aim of keeping track and progress of my desire to live a simpler life.  So much of this way of living appeals to me, less clutter, mess, hassle, busyness and stress.  Less to organise and maintain and freeing up time to really focus on what is important to me.  I seem to crave that order even more now that my life, in other ways, feels a bit out of control.

I’ve recently started watching and reading about Minimalism again.  The one blogger and Youtuber that has been inspiring me is The Minimal Mom.  She worked on decluttering her home while her children napped, maybe for an hour a day.  Yes it took some time, but she is really reaping the rewards for the effort and time she put into it.  So I made a start…..and have listed all of my CDs on Music Magpie. We have Apple Music, an Amazon Echo and Bluetooth in the cars….we no longer use CDs.  We don’t even own a CD player anymore (well we do technically….in the garage waiting to be recycled) so why are we holding onto CD’s???? So I spent Sunday afternoon scanning them on and just need to box them up now.  It was very satisfying to be honest and frees up two whole shelves that maybe I can actually use for books now!!! (Obviously, once I’ve decluttered them first…)  Here and the ones that I will be sending off…

Blog post 8.4.19I won’t exactly be making a fortune on these…but I don’t care.  They would have just ended up being sent to the charity shop anyway, so anything is a bonus.

On top of that, I have donated 4 bags of clothes and various other household items to the charity shop today and have taken a good few bags of rubbish to the recycling centre (aka ‘the tip.’)  It does feel good to get things out of the house!!

I’m also beginning to learn and understand a bit more about why I buy the things I do….I love bags, notebooks and pens…they cheer me up and give me a real sense of pleasure.  I have always found it hard to resist buying them, and can spend a small fortune….and I’ve now realised that the boost I get from buying them really doesn’t last!!  I think in the last few years I’ve been shopping to try and make me feel better, to make me feel happy.  Now that I am recognising this, I’m finding it much easier not to buy things!  This is a revelation for me, and for our bank balance!  They do not make me happy, ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ just don’t!!  I can’t buy my way out of my low mood 😦

So from here it’s small steps towards the ultimate goal of living a simpler and less cluttered, stressful life.  I’m quite excited at the prospect…




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