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My view of a simpler life….

So I've introduced myself, talked a little about my background and what's led me to wanting to simplify my life.  I thought it would be helpful to talk about what a simple life is, or at least what it means to me.  For some people it may be that they want to declutter their home, create space… Continue reading My view of a simpler life….


Gratitude Journal 27.4.19

Although the weather has not been as nice as last weekend (let's face it...it's freezing) there are still things to be grateful for: An hour to myself, whilst my daughter was trampolining, where I got to watch some helpful YouTube videos. Hubby bought croissants and we used our new Cafetiere…..both were thoroughly enjoyed. Writing blog… Continue reading Gratitude Journal 27.4.19


Gratitude Journal…the Easter Weekend

So it's Easter Sunday.  Have had a lovely weekend and not had the opportunity to write so thought I'd do a weekend gratitude journal. This weekend, I've been grateful for: Being there when my friend got remarried.  It was a gorgeous day and she looked so unbelievably happy.  Knowing what a tough few years she's… Continue reading Gratitude Journal…the Easter Weekend