Bereavement, Gratitude, Simple life

A better morning….

As I had made plans to see a friend today, I forced myself to get up at 8.00am.  It was difficult and I did have the urge to keep lying under the quilt…..but then somehow managed to talk sense into myself!!  I was reminded of The 5 second rule  and used that to make myself move.  Maybe there’s something in it after all……

The day here was glorious and I took the dog for a long walk/run over the park…she was so shattered from chasing the tennis ball that it was as much as she could do to have a drink before she collapsed onto the floor when we got home.  I then went to catch up with a friend, which was lovely.  Popped to the shop for a coffee and sandwich on the way home, and then the tiredness hit!!  It’s insane….really I’ve not done very much at all…but I had to go and lie on the sofa for an hour.

Everyone keeps telling me that it’ll take time, and I know that’s true…but I am not a very good patient.  Apparently grief can make you exhausted….I’m realising more and more that I need to open up about losing my Mum…but it’s so hard.  Much as I’m dreading seeing Cruse, as it’s not an issue I find easy to discuss, I know that in the longer term it should help me move forward and hopefully that’ll impact on how I am generally.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Costa coffee – had a lovely hour chilling out.
  2. Gorgeous weather….I know I say this most days, but I am really appreciating it currently.
  3. Supportive and understanding friends.


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