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Time for a rethink…

OK, so I am not prepared to keep going on like this.  Things have to change.  If I don’t make some significant changes in my daily routine, I can see me still complaining about the same issues in a year’s time.  The only person that can do it is me, no one else, and I’ve got to stop looking to other people for the answers!!

So I googled the best exercises when suffering with fatigue, and yoga came up pretty high on the list in a number of different articles.  I did yoga last year for 3 months and found it very helpful and relaxing.  So I figured I’d give it another go.  At the moment I’ve still got a gym membership so have booked into a class tomorrow morning!  I’m posting it on here to make me accountable, as I will have to post an update tomorrow.  Also, the class is at 9.30am which is going to force me out of bed early!!!  I know tomorrow morning I will be annoyed with myself for booking it, and desperate not to go, but I have to.  I have to make changes.  So it starts here….not going to rush at it and over-do it, because I won’t keep it up.  Slow and steady.

balance body exercise female
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3 things I’m grateful for today…

  1. It’s Spring….and it was a gorgeously sunny day!
  2. A long walk with the dog in the sunshine
  3. An afternoon nap.

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