Gratitude, Simple life

Tiredness is winning……..

OK, so I just wrote a long post and somehow managed to delete the lot!!  This is not good.  I didn’t post yesterday due to feeling so exhausted, and don’t feel much better today.  So I’m afraid I’m keeping this short and sweet….because I’m fed up of myself and how I feel currently.

After having some discussions with various friends, I’ve decided I’m going to ask the GP to do blood tests (again) to rule out any possible physical causes for the exhaustion.  Once you have a mental health diagnosis of any kind, I know that everything you endure starts to be attributed to it, as though it’s impossible that there could be any physical health issues going on.  If the tests all come back ok, then I need to accept that this is because of depression and grief, and that it is going to take time to resolve.  At the moment I can’t quite accept that, and still crave a quick fix to make me feel better.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Coin paying-in machines in my bank….saves having to count it and bag it up!!  Gets paid straight into your account…bonus!!
  2. My daughter offering to do some cleaning….OK she wants to be paid, but I’m more than happy to do that currently.
  3. My bed

Sorry it’s so brief and I have nothing to really say.  Think I might have to type blog posts in the mornings rather than evenings for a bit…I’m good for nothing at this time.

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