Planning and prep….

So for me, Sunday has always been the day I like to look forward to the week ahead, to clarify what I need to get done and come up with some kind of plan for achieving it.  I was always very organised and this worked well.  Needless to say it’s a work in progress currently.  Whilst I can make all the plans I want, To-Do lists galore….I find it really hard to motivate myself to stick to them and to actually carry them through and get stuff done.

I tend to follow David Allen’s GTD system as a way of keeping track of everything that I’m thinking about, dealing with, planning to do , need to do etc.  I’ve found the ‘brain dumps’ one of the most helpful elements of the system, and also writing things down as soon as you think about it….if you think you’ll remember to do it later….you’re kidding yourself!!!  At the moment my head is quite fuddled, coupled with lack of motivation and energy, it’s tough.  Lists and notes are really helpful, if you remember to look at them of course!!  As you’ve probably guessed, I don’t get it all done…but am accepting that I just can’t any more.  I’m not superwoman, or perfect and I’ll do the best I can for now…I have no other choice.

Reflecting back on how I’ve lived up to becoming unwell, I tried to fit too much into every day, set expectations of myself that were unrealistic and unachievable.  I almost feel that this needed to happen…to help me see a different way of being.  Yes I have many lists of things ‘to do’  but all I can do is to prioritise the best I can, schedule the tasks into my calendar ensuring I allow more than enough time to achieve each task, whilst setting reminders and notifications for myself along the way.  I figured if my brain isn’t working at 100% capacity, then I need to use the tools I have available to help me!!

Has anyone else got any suggestions for getting things done when you’re dealing with lack of energy and motivation??

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. The website Skillshare….who knew how useful that would be? I’m enjoying learning how to do different things, hoping that this might help me with my future goal.
  2. An understanding hubby who didn’t go mad when we realised the extent of my notebook addiction!!
  3. A lovely meal that my hubby cooked tonight.


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