Gratitude, Personal Development

A good day…….

Something felt different today….from the time that I woke up.  It might sound strange, but the “heaviness” I’ve felt for so long had lifted somewhat.  I didn’t have to drag myself out of bed and even found that I had some motivation!!!!  Feeling a little cautious and not wanting to run before I can walk, I planned a day at home and the task of the day was the kitchen.  Rather than do the bare minimum (as I have been) I actually had the energy and the motivation to do a really good clean and I felt so satisfied and pleased when I’d done it.  This might sound like an insignificant achievement to many….but I have not had that energy or drive for months.  It felt fantastic.

I’m becoming much more aware that I need to pace myself, that I can’t do everything and that I don’t NEED to do it all at once.  This whole episode has taught me that rest, downtime and self-care are going to be so important for me to be able to stay well in the future.  I’m still a work in progress, but have had some major mindset shifts of late and I think the fact that I crashed was my body and mind’s way of forcing me to change.

Unfortunately the tiredness hit again late afternoon, but not before I’d managed to read a few chapters of my book!!  That in itself is progress….my interest and concentration just hasn’t been there for so long.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Feeling happier.
  2. Having great kids who are happy and healthy.
  3. My hubby’s cups of tea…….the best!!!

I wonder what Saturday will bring…..hopefully much more of the same but I am well aware that I will have good and bad days……I now refuse to beat myself up for the bad days, I’ll do what I can and that just has to be enough!!


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