Simple life

Lessons Learnt……

So last week I blogged about trying to make time for all that I wanted to do, and I set up a plan for the week ahead….setting time aside to do the tasks I’d planned.

Well let’s just say it didn’t go all that well, pretty much from the start. What I hadn’t really accounted for was the way I realistically feel in the evenings, particularly on work nights!! I’d not really considered how absolutely exhausted I am by 7pm. Hmm….probably quite an important thing to bear in mind when scheduling a lot of things in the evenings 🙄

I’ve had depression for the last couple of years and although I am 90% better than I was, my sleep is still very disturbed. Naturally this makes me tired, and having a busy and stressful day job which can be emotionally draining too, leaves me little in reserve for the evening. Once we’ve eaten, all I feel like doing is sleeping!

Needless to say…I’ve had to have a total rethink, and these are the main things I’ve learnt, and what I need to consider for future scheduling:

  • Any task that requires brain power, decision making or serious thought, needs to wait until the weekend, or my day off!
  • A basic tidy up of the house in the evening is enough.
  • I need to listen to my body and rest if I’m exhausted.
  • I need to work on my bedtime/sleep routines.
  • Tasks and projects are going to take me longer to complete, but it’s not a race or a competition. My pace will be fine.
  • Housework is best completed in one block of time, with a time limit of 3 hours maximum given to it.
  • I need to think more flexibly, and do tasks/projects when I have the energy – otherwise I feel like a failure, if things don’t get done at the scheduled time.

Much as I’m craving a simple life….it’s not easy. How do you manage your schedule?

1 thought on “Lessons Learnt……”

  1. I think delegation is one of the keys to simply life. Unless we live entirely alone there is no reason to do everything. Ok, so the washing up may not be perfect if the kids do it but hey! They might miss a bit when vacuuming, so what! A chore rota is a good idea , include hubby, and with a large family that housework in the evening could become not your problem….


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