Personal Development

March Goals…..

I love setting goals for myself….only problem I have is actually achieving them!!! I tend to start off well, and then lose the motivation and energy to stick with them.

Like most people, I made a bunch of resolutions in December/January…generally focused around health, mental well-being and organisation! However, I listened to The Best of Both Worlds Podcast Ep 23 where Sarah talked about setting monthly goals rather than yearly ones. That appealed to me, and I felt it might help to break my resolutions down into more achievable goals.

March has been the first month I’ve tried…..and these are the goals I set, to achieve by the end of March 2018:

  • To be 10 Stone
  • To read 2 fiction novels
  • To post weekly on this blog

So where am I at??? The weight thing really is isn’t going too well….am currently 10St 5lbs 😱😱. However….I haven’t been that good, so I can’t really blame that on anything other than myself. My plan is to kind of follow the Slimming World plan….which I’ve done before with some success.

I’ve also just joined the local leisure centre/gym…so need to work out when I’m going to use it!

Then there’s the reading! I’ve recently joined this 2018 Reading Challenge, my first book is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte….a book I’ve always wanted to read!!!? It’s taken a while to get into it’s flow….but I’m enjoying it now! Need to schedule in some reading time, or I’ve got no chance of achieving this one!!

And finally…weekly blog posts… far so good !

So…my next actions are:

  1. Look at an online beginner’s gym workout and go to the gym!!
  2. Do my body measurements.
  3. Schedule in reading time….earlier in the day, as I just fall asleep reading at night.
  4. No chocolate, cakes or biscuits & drink just water, tea or coffee

I hope to be posting regular/daily updates…food diaries…steps etc, so that’ll help with goal 3 👍🏻

Look out for further updates….

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