Simple life

Food Diary 18th March 2018

Recording this for my own benefit…to keep a record of what I’ve eaten and hopefully it’ll help me to avoid the crap….as I’ll need to post that too!!!

So today…

Breakfast – porridge made with semi skimmed milk and a teaspoon of sugar

Lunch – bacon sandwich – white bread (with butter on 😳)

Dinner (or tea as we call it in Birmingham 😂) Sausages, mashed potato, cabbage, carrots, gravy

Snacks: 1 packet of tomato snaps (bloody love them!!) and a fat free Activia yogurt. Probably around 10 mint imperials…whilst driving 😬….I am seriously addicted!! Must look up the calorie content!! 🤭

Drinks: tea, coffee, squash

Don’t plan on eating any more tonight….lots to do to keep myself busy and distracted!!!

Weigh-in tomorrow🙂

EDITED TO ADD: 2 Mint imperials = 25 calories….not too bad at all!!

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