Simple life

Back to Basics…the update!

Well I have to say…..the cleaning plan/routine from clean mama worked an absolute treat!!  I can’t believe how clean and tidy the house is on a Saturday! This never happens.  I worked to the plan all week, although this wasn’t always easy.  After a hard day at work, I didn’t always feel like doing some cleaning and ironing every night, but I forced myself…and I can really see and feel the benefits.  I’ve also started unloading the drier as soon as it’s finished…and have probably cut my ironing in half!  I have accepted that it doesn’t have to be perfect…and that good enough is just fine.  This is a huge step for me…being such a flippen perfectionist!

I love that this weekend, all that really needs completing is a quick vacuum round and washing the bedsheets.  I have to confess I haven’t dusted the kids’ rooms..that’s their job for today (much to their disgust) but the rest of it is done!  I genuinely feel so much happier and calmer this weekend, and with it being Mother’s Day here in the UK tomorrow, it’s lovely to think that I haven’t got loads to catch up on.  Maybe I’ll even get a day where I can do just what I want to…wouldn’t that be a treat.  So the verdict….this routine is definitely staying!!!

For anyone who hates spending their weekend on chores…give it a try!!

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