Simple life

Mid-week Mini Mission #1

My original motivation for wanting to live a more simple life was finding The Minimalists, their podcasts and their documentary Minimalism.  It really made me think about the ‘stuff’ I own…do I need it, will I use it & does it add any value to my life!  Suddenly the ‘need’ for the latest iPhone upgrade, more clothes etc seemed ridiculous!  I decided I wanted to start to Declutter….to get rid of what was extra & unnecesary.

I started in the months leading up to Christmas 2017 and did really well in terms of getting rid of stuff.   However my interest in this area started to widen, into trying to live a life that is generally more simple.  That has taken me in many different directions…which I’m loving, but the decluttering has kind of suffered!

So I’ve decided to do a mid-week mini mission every week.  This is where I’ll set the timer for 15 minutes & work in one area, taking before and after photos to show my progress.  I like the idea of making it into a little game, a challenge against the clock!

Today I decided to go through my bedside table drawers.  I have done them previously, but recognised that they needed further work.

So here’s the before photos;



So it took me 8 minutes to empty out both drawers, put to one side what is not needed, and replace the items I choose to say yes to!!!



Think that this will continue to be a 15 minutes mid-week mission for me. At least I’ll be able to see some progress!!! Slow and steady wins the race 😉

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