Simple life

Back to basics!!(PART 1)

Have found my thoughts, plans and ideas are all over the place at the moment.  It feels as though I’m flitting from one thing to another, without a clear goal – what do I actually want to achieve?

I want to simplify my life, I know that much. I feel there is just too much to do, all the time, and I crave a quiet, stress-free life.  Now I know that totally stress-free is impossible….but I want to feel calm and organised, to have time to myself, to read more, to relax and spend my time worrying less.  At the moment, no matter what I’m doing, I am always thinking about the things I ‘should’ be doing.  I realise some of this is just my personality….I struggle to switch off and always feel guilty for what I’m not doing.  This is something I need to work on…and I’m sure it’s something many people can identify with.

Over the last week or so, I’ve felt that I need more structure to this simplifying process… more of a clear plan.  I’ve thought about the things that stress me most…and it’s the house!  Cleaning it, keeping it tidy and organised, washing, ironing…oh the list goes on.  I seem to spend all weekend catching up and really not enjoying the time away from work.

I ask myself all the time, “how does everyone else do it??”  How do people have such active lives, making the most of the weekend, whilst still running a house..and all that this entails?  Friends all seem to struggle with the same issues as me, so I took to the internet for ideas!!

There are lots of ideas and schedules out there…but many seem so complex and quite labour intensive, that I know they just wouldn’t work for me.   Now I know that cleaning is obviously going to take time, but if I’m going to find a new routine, it has to be as simple as possible.

My current situation is that I work four days a week and am out of the house from 8.30am until around 6.00pm, from Monday to Thursday.  Then either me or hubby have to cook dinner, sort out washing, lunches for the next day, homework…the list goes on.  Weekends are spent doing housework, washing and the dreaded ironing.  I also sometimes bring work home (which I know is the wrong thing to do,) need to fit in visiting my Mum and spending time with the kids.   Mind you, who am I trying to kid…the lads don’t want to know, they tend to stay in their rooms apart from when food is on offer, or I’m nagging them to get homework done.  I’m lucky that my daughter is still young enough to want to spend time with me…but have lost count of the amount of times I’ve asked her to wait until I’ve finished some household task!

Another major consideration for is my energy levels and generally rubbish sleep pattern at the moment.  By time it gets to 7-8pm, I’m good for nothing.  So I can’t be loading my evening schedule with really time consuming tasks.

In the past I’ve tried Flylady which I know works for so many people, but I just can’t keep up with it!!  I’ve looked at numerous free printable plans, but the sheer volume of tasks for each day is immediately overwhelming.

I came across a site that I actually thought, straight away, THIS COULD WORK!!  The site is and her cleaning schedule is here.  It’s simple, takes around 30 minutes per day, and feels totally do-able!  I already do things like clear away clutter daily, wipe worktops etc….but this actually provides a plan for getting the house clean over the course of the week, leaving the weekends relatively housework free!

So I’m taking it back to basics!!  I’m printing off the plan (which she provides as a free printable) and i’m going to try this over the next couple of weeks…see if it works for me.

The one area that concerns me is washing


I always seem to end up doing lots over the weekend, even though I do at least one load a day during the work week!  I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to get everything dried, ironed and put away on the same day and just have sheets and towels to do at the weekend …..but I’m going to try my hardest!!  Part of this is going to mean using the tumble drier intentionally, making sure that I get to it as soon as it’s finished, to remove clothes and hang up, hopefully avoiding the need for so much ironing!

I’d also like to thank The Simple Life for this video….there is no way I could do all this in an evening, and find it relaxing…however it encouraged me to use my microfibre cloths properly!!  What a game changer that is!!

So it all starts tomorrow….with cleaning the bathroom, plus doing all the daily jobs.  Keep your eyes peeled for an update mid-week…well that’s my aim anyway!!

If anyone has any tips to simplify the cleaning…feel free to leave them below.  Hang on, my tumble drier has just finished….might as well make a start!!

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