Simple life

21st March 2018…..The ups and downs….

I was too tired to post yesterday...the joys of not sleeping catching up on you.  Food intake wasn't too bad...but today was a different story altogether. Am going to hold my hands up and say that today has been a bit of a disaster.  As the work week goes on, I get more and more tired,… Continue reading 21st March 2018…..The ups and downs….

Simple life

Food Diary 19/3/18

Not too bad today..... Breakfast : branflakes with milk & sliced banana. Lunch: chicken cup a soup with 2 pieces of white bread. Grapes. Yogurt (fat free) tomato snaps (crisps) Dinner: tomato & cheese pasta bake Snacks: 1 rocky bar, mint imperials Have done a bit better with my water intake...although I do find it… Continue reading Food Diary 19/3/18

Simple life

Food Diary 18th March 2018

Recording this for my own keep a record of what I've eaten and hopefully it'll help me to avoid the I'll need to post that too!!! So today... Breakfast - porridge made with semi skimmed milk and a teaspoon of sugar Lunch - bacon sandwich - white bread (with butter on 😳) Dinner… Continue reading Food Diary 18th March 2018

Personal Development

March Goals…..

I love setting goals for myself....only problem I have is actually achieving them!!! I tend to start off well, and then lose the motivation and energy to stick with them. Like most people, I made a bunch of resolutions in December/January...generally focused around health, mental well-being and organisation! However, I listened to The Best of… Continue reading March Goals…..