Personal Development

Diet and Fitness…..the eternal struggle!!

As you may have noticed…..I’ve not posted a plan yet!  This area of my life is the one that I just can’t seem to get a handle on.  It’s been something I’ve wanted to work on for such a long time.  I long to be fit and active, toned and slim…..but obviously don’t want it enough to put the necessary work in!  I accept that, and know I make so many plans, which quickly fall by the wayside, with numerous valid excuses as to why I can’t stick to them 😳

Rather than making this complicated (after all, I want to simplify not complicate 😂) I have been thinking about breaking it down, into small and achievable steps.  I know I can’t change everything at once, so maybe I need to focus on small changes instead?  Perhaps working on one at at time, establishing it as a habit, before adding in another.

There are so many areas I want to work on….it’s hard to know which to start with.  Obviously healthy eating and exercise are both so important.  With the weather as it is currently, and my sleep not being great, starting an exercise regime feels a bit overwhelming!  So I intend to concentrate on trying to eat a healthier diet.  One of the main things I need to do is to drink more water.  NHS guidelines says 6-8 glasses a day, so this is my first habit to work on.  I drink a lot of tea and coffee….. But plan to have water alternated with a hot drink through the day.  One small, easy habit…..while I try to work on ideas for getting exercise…, what, where and when?  So difficult….so if you have any tips, please let me know in the comments below!!

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