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Decluttering teenage lads’ clothes….and appreciating that sometimes you have to compromise…and that’s OK!!

After a week of nothing-ness last week….I thought I’d take the advantage of it being Half-Term and spending time with my lovely boys…to finally sort out their clothes. There’s a few things I hadn’t banked on…that they won’t get up until midday, that all they want to do is watch stuff on their phones or go on the X-Box and that they were in no way as interested in decluttering as I was🙄.

Eventually, on Friday afternoon, the last day of Half-Term…I told them enough was enough, and that they were doing it…then!! Lots of moaning and groaning followed, one stormed out in a strop as he didn’t want to turn his X-Box off….but I was determined not to be beaten!!

My eldest went first…and got quite into sorting out what he did and didn’t like any more! He decided to put his clothes into ‘categories’…T-shirts, football gear (his BTEC Sports Science is run by a football club)…Jeans, shorts etc…

As his T-Shirts are his favourite things…but he just shoves them in his drawer, we decided that they’d be better hung up in his wardrobe…so he can see them and keep them crease free. The footy kit went in the 2nd drawer, as he needs those most often, and the rest was distributed in the bottom drawers.

Then it came to the dreaded underwear drawer. Years ago I had bought these for the lads….my one son uses them happily to keep boxer shorts separate from socks…but my eldest is a nightmare….shoves everything in together! So there was me, beginning to organise them…and he said “you can sort them out as much as you want…I won’t keep it up!” It dawned on me….why am I stressing about sorting and organising them…as long as they’re in the drawer, it doesn’t matter!! It’s him that has to hunt through everything😂😂 So I compromised, removed the boxes, and we’re both happy!

Second son was much easier…literally sorted what he liked and what he knew he would never wear! He didn’t want any of his brother’s cast-offs….which is fair enough….but it did mean some good quality clothing going to waste! So…texted my friend and her daughters will love them (as it’s sportswear)….so the added bonus is that they’ll be going to a good home!

As an extra bonus….my 12 year old daughter seemed spurred on…and sorted out one of her drawers too!! 😊

I’d class it as a relatively successful afternoon. They now have no excuse for not putting washing away….I don’t anticipate they’ll do it though…what is it about kids and dropping clothes in the floor?? If anyone has any tips for what works…I’d welcome any help! Three bags gone to the charity shop.

So what should I concentrate on over the next week?? Health and exercise is something I really need to work on and build into my everyday routine…I’ve been a bit scared about tackling this…as I’ve failed so many times before. However, it needs to be done, I feel unfit, a bit heavier than I want to be & lacking in energy….so it’s much needed.

Haven’t quite decided what I’ll be doing yet and what the plan is…so I’ll be posting again tomorrow!! I think that daily posting of food diaries & what activity/exercise I’ve managed to build into my day might be in order😳….that’ll be a challenge! At least it’ll keep me accountable!!

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