Simple life

A Pause in the Proceedings…😳

As you’ll have read last week, I’ve not been having a good time of things lately. Low mood, exhaustion and lack of motivation continue to play havoc with my plans.

I am really struggling at the moment, feeling that I just can’t do it.

I recently read The One Thing ….but found it hard to see what my ‘one thing’ was….but today it hit me!! My mood is currently preventing me from achieving my goals….in every area of my life!! It’s the ‘one thing’ that, if I dealt with….would make everything else easier or unnecessary. It has to be the focus of my efforts and energy…if I want to be able to move forward and take action in all areas of my life!

So I intend to shift focus a little…still simplifying and decluttering, but also concentrating on what I can do to help my depression to lift!

Needless to say, I’m sure you can guess I haven’t achieved my goal of sorting the boys’ clothes out….it remains my task for the coming week. 😉

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