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Finally simplifying the paperwork in my life….πŸ‘πŸ»

Well after a really horrible week, feeling so low and that I was no good …my weekend has turned out to be very productive indeed 😁.

At the start of January, full of motivation, I started to sort out some of our admin – scanning documents into the iMac, organising files. I was doing so well…until it all kinda went off the boil and I came to a standstill again.

I realised that I needed a new filing system altogether. My original system involved numerous mamilla folders, individually labelled, stuffed full of papers collected over the last 8-10 years!! Whenever I received an updated statement, it would get shoved in the relevant folder, along with all the other stuff, too overwhelming to sort out.

All in all, when I thought about it and reviewed where I was at….I realised I had a system that I hated using, that made it hard work to find any information I needed and where there was so much information from previous years, that I struggled to find anything useful.

So what happened….I wouldn’t file anything!!! It would build up in a ‘to file’ folderπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚….for months and months. When I came to finally file it, it would take me hours!!!! I knew I had to find a simpler system, that was easy to use and only contained relevant and up to date information.

I looked around online for different ideas…but knew I wanted something simple! Whilst browsing, I came across this article, which made so much sense and seemed perfect!! I already have an ‘inbox’ in my kitchen where all papers get dumped and sorted out during my weekly planning session on a Sunday afternoon. The rest was simple…. get some extra folders and labels, sort papers into relevant areas, and file….easy hey?

Well this was mid sort-out, close to when I was losing the will to live!!!!

It felt like chaos…but there was some order to itπŸ˜‚. I had 3 piles, one to recycle, one to shred & one to scan then shred. I’ve been trying to keep the most important documents in files on the computer.

Once this was done, I began the job of filing everything away….I tried to keep the folders straightforward and simple to use ….so that the whole family could find information if they needed to (rather than asking me where everything is! 😜.)Also….I needed them to be simple to file new documents away….so that I will do it on an ongoing basis.

Once the files were finally done…. they fitted into my filing cabinet nicely 😁

The most frequently used folders were placed at the front of the drawers…for ease of access….the ones needed less often, at the back!

Then I thought about the paper coming into the house…the inbox works well, but the kids leave their school books around, papers etc and this needed some thought. Eventually I decided on these:

The larger one (on top) has the main drawer as my inbox, pens, staplers, hole punch etc in the other drawers…so now everyone will know where they are!! No more kids nagging at me because they can’t find a penπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ.

The second set of drawers is one for each child….school books, new bus pass letters etc…anything that’s there’s that gets left lying around will end up there! This will help to keep my worktops clear and clean….just the way I like them!!

So, I’m really hoping this new, simple system will help me file things once a week and everyone will know where things are that they need!!! Heaven.

Had to then think about next week’s focus….what I want to work on….and for now I think it’s the kids clothes. My 2 lads constantly moan that they can’t put clothes away as the drawers are too full… it’s a situation we need to resolve!!!

Am enjoying going from one area to another…keeps me on my toes and interested!!!

I’ll be back next week for an update……

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