Simple life

Ha…already two days behind!

OK so I missed my own goal of posting every Sunday….amazing how life has a habit of just taking over!! Everything has felt very stressful over the last week and my mood hasn’t been great….cue avoidance and disorganisation!! But I’m back on it now….and as promised, will update about my morning & evening routines.

Before I could begin to start on my morning routine, I had to think about what was important, what had to be achieved  So I tackled this first by brainstorming, trying to answer the question ‘what needed to be done each morning, so that I could leave the house on time & feeling calm?’   I want to be one of those Mum’s who looks like she’s got her s**t together!!!

I wrote all of the ideas onto post it notes, putting those that could be done the night before to one side (as those helped to form the basis of my evening routine.)  The remainder were tasks that could only be done in the morning….so they were the basis of my morning routine.

My basic morning routine (well…the first draft anyway)…looks like this:


Up at 6.00am (week) 8.00am (weekends)

Morning Pages

5-15 minutes movement



Wipe over bathroom


Take tablets

Do daughter’s hair

Pack lunch

Switch on washing machine

Quick tidy

What I’ve realised, from following the routine for a few days now, is how much easier it is to feel calm, in control and on top of things, when I force myself to get up at 6.00am, rather than my usual 7.00am. I’ve also decided to leave my phone charging downstairs rather than constantly checking it whilst attempting to get ready. Have lost count of the time I’ve wasted browsing Facebook (even though there is NEVER anything interesting on there anymore) or getting into conversations with friends, that then cause me to run late and stress like a mad woman!!  My own fault entirely🙄

One of the key things I find most helpful is to do morning pages.  This is now the first thing I do after I get up (well…after I’ve made a cup of tea of course)….I sit, with my cup of tea, a candle burning,  soft music on…and write 3 pages.  Just three pages of anything, whatever comes into your head, but it has to be 3 pages.  It’s amazing what comes out of it and it is really helpful to clear your head and clarify things!  It can also help you to be  more effective, capture those things that you had forgotten need doing, and generally help you be more relaxed.


I then aim to do a little bit of exercise or ‘movement’…this is something I always find more difficult, but have recently joined a yoga class, so do a basic yoga morning stretch routine (thank you Youtube) and this is really quite pleasant, even dare I say, enjoyable!

The rest of the morning is self-explanatory – what’s not included is the amount of nagging at teenage sons that I have to do to ensure they get up on time, or the arguments I have with my 11 year old daughter as to why she can’t wear a tight lycra skirt to school, even though “everybody else is allowed.”  The joys of family life!!

I’ve come to accept that even though I am exhausted at night…the preparation I do then is the key to a calm and productive morning.  So I’m trying as far as possible to follow this:


Take lenses out

Comfy clothes on

Cook dinner

Prep lunches

Kids – load dishwasher, clean worktops, sweep or vacuum floor

Dinner out of freezer for tomorrow

Load washing machine for the morning

Fold dry washing

Clean sink

Unload dishwasher

Put washing away

Pick out outfit for tomorrow

Pack bag



Lights out at 11.00am

There are certain elements of this that I am struggling with – mainly the journalling and reading – it seems that by the time my husband and I have done everything else, dealt with the kids etc….I’m just too tired to journal or read, and yet it’s something I think is really important and desperately want to do.

Both of these routines are a work in progress and will no doubt be adapted numerous times, before they become a habit and routine.  However I can say that, so far, I think they’re really helping and we seem to have arrived at school before the bell generally!!!  Small achievement, but it’s a start.

So…these routines will continue….and hopefully help to make things simpler and more straightforward.  So what next???  Hmmm…. well for me, I think it has to be paperwork – which I dread.  I have made a bit of a start on this, scanning and filing documents online that I don’t need to keep…but it takes a long time and I got fed up!!  So I have scheduled around 4 hours at the weekend… to get back at it with a new enthusiasm and attack it again.  I also need to consider what type of filing system is going to work best and will be the easiest to keep on top of.  That’s where I always fall down…..continuing to use the system.  I figure the simpler the better, so if you have any tips or great ideas….please let me know…I’d be very grateful!! x

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