Simple life

So What’s The Plan And How’s It Going So Far?

OK, so I’ve committed to try and post at least every Sunday….and as it appears to be that time of the week, I’m back with my second post.

I’d love to say that I had a really clear and well thought out plan as to how I was going to make my life more simple, but I don’t!!  There’s the obvious decluttering, organising my wardrobe etc, but for me it goes deeper than that.  I also need to simplify how I spend my time, establishing routines to make my life easier, streamlining my life and reviewing my committments and responsibilities to ensure that they fit with the overall plan of living a simpler life.  One of the biggest stressors for me is housework and laundry….so if I could develop better systems to manage that, then that would be HUGE!

I’ve been having a bit of a brainstorm around the main areas of my life that I want to work on…naturally these are not all going to be done at the same time, but I’m thinking that maybe I could have a theme for the week or even month, and just focus on organising and simplifying that area.  I’ve kind of decided on the following areas…in no particular order of priority.

  • Finances
  • Clothes/wardrobe
  • Decluttering ‘stuff’
  • Paperwork
  • Household chores
  • Health and Exercise
  • Work
  • Commitments and responsibilities
  • Routines (including Morning and Evening routines)
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Technology use
  • Streamlining life – laundry, errands, paperwork etc

I have to say I found this article particularly helpful and thought provoking, and it will no doubt be something I’ll revisit at a later date.  Just looking at my list and the 75 suggestions in that article is a little scary!  There’s a lot to do!!!

I have made a start in lots of little ways, such as clearing out the clothes that I no longer like, starting to scan some admin onto the iMac, backing them up on an external Hard Drive, destroying the originals…..but I’m hoping that writing this blog will help me to develop a clearer plan, that I can work towards and see progress!

I’m someone who can throw herself into something one week and then lose interest the next, so I think a weekly simplifying ‘theme’ will work best for me.  If I dedicate a whole month to one area….I know I’ll lose steam.  I also work 4 days a week, and am exhausted in the evenings (anyone got any tips on how to deal with this….please leave a comment below) so I may not be able to work on an area for large chunks of time, every single day of the week.  It’s going to be a case of fitting it in where I can….and I think that might prove easier if I had effective morning and evening routines established, so that seems like the logical place to start.

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas of what to include….feel free to comment…I need all the help I can get!  So wish me luck.  I will aim too do a short update mid-week, to let you know how it’s going! Thanks for reading.

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